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Court Releases Report On California PD Documenting ‘Systemic Failures’ In Misconduct Investigations


A new report released by the federal judge overseeing the Oakland Police Department’s mandated misconduct reform documents “systemic deficiencies” in the department’s ability to internally investigate misconduct, Darwin BondGraham reports for the Oaklandside. Investigators at Clarence Dyer & Cohen recommended that the chief of police face ‘manual of rules’ violations for his role. 

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong was named in the report and found to have failed to hold officers accountable for their misconduct and allowed officers to escape discipline. Now the chief has been placed on leave. Also named was the then-captain of internal affairs, Wilson Lau, accused of having ordered an investigator to revise their factual report to remove blame from a sergeant in a hit-and-run. 

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