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Court Calls Ex-Houston Cop ‘Routine’ Liar Undermining Countless Cases

Recent rulings in Texas court have found that former Houston narcotics officer Gerald Goines fabricated evidence and ‘routinely lied’ as a witness in cases between 2008 and 2019, and may also have lied to secure search warrants including no-knock warrants that caused multiple deaths, Nicole Hensley reports for the Houston Chronicle. Goines has been charged with two murders in the course of investigation of those lies. Now, Goines’ behavior has already kickstarted the review of more than 1,400 cases over the course of his career and seven new trials (so far).

“The cop’s reputation now precedes him, and the law recognizes that he’s a bad actor,” Bob Wicoff, post-conviction division chief for the Harris County Public Defender’s Office, told the Chronicle.

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