Could the Latest Dip Trigger MetaCryp, Cosmos, and Stellar’s Price Explosion?


The crypto market lost more than $500 billion in less than 24 hours in August 2022. The year has been long, but this short market bull trend sent glimmers of hope to crypto enthusiasts. BTC dipped from $24k to $20k in less than a day, confusing many traders.

One good thing about dips is that they succeed in spikes and uptrends. For this reason, you hear phrases like “buy the dip”; because many experts believe and have confirmed over time that dollar-cost-average, while the market is down, is a great way to bet on a huge future for your holdings.

Could the latest dip trigger cryptocurrency to higher price levels? Here are some cryptocurrencies predicted to soar if the market becomes favorable afterward: MetaCryp (MTCR), Cosmos (ATOM), and Stellar (XLM).

Cosmos, the token of the internet of blockchains

Cosmos (known by its ticker as ATOM) is the native and governance coin of the Cosmos blockchain. Cosmos prides itself as the internet of blockchain that facilitates blockchain interoperability for decentralized applications and services.

Cosmos made this list because it has recently shown positive price levels following the long crypto year. Cosmos could hit a higher high if its market sentiment maintains stronger greed in the coming weeks.

According to multiple reports, Cosmos, alongside a few other cryptocurrencies, made it to the best crypto performers list in the third quarter of 2022. There could be more as the crypto market will enter a bull run soon.

Why Stellar could be a portfolio strengthener

Stellar (XLM) is one of the cryptos to feature in the top 50, yet its unit price is not up to half a dollar. This indicates that Stellar is a good coin because of the community’s huge interest in it and even its native blockchain, Stellar Lumens. 

Stellar Lumens is one of the disruptors of traditional banking systems. This puts it in nearly the same list as Ripple, which is used for borderless transactions. Stellar’s low unit price could win hodlers a fortune if it gets to $1 per unit. Stellar will be here for long and profit long-term traders.

MetaCryp, aiming for higher price levels with a recent dip

MetaCryp Token, although a newcomer, could top higher price levels despite several market dips. A positive market trend could set MetaCryp Token even higher up the chart. Traders looking to leverage low prices to increase their earning margin may not afford to miss out on MetaCryp Token.

What is MetaCryp?

MetaCryp Token (MTCR) is the native and unique exchange token used in the MetaCryp ecosystem. The MetaCryp ecosystem features mainly NFTs and the Metaverse spiced by play-to-earn incentives.

MetaCryp Token is still in its infancy and could soar higher after the presale scheduled to run from August to December 2022. Early birds will earn instant cashback bonuses that could stack up to 300%.

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