Could Meta Masters Guild Become the Next Big Thing During a Bull Run? Price Predictions for MEMAG

P2E games are redefining the entire entertainment industry. The video games market is one of the hottest forms of entertainment out there, with the market growing enormously in size over the years. It’s been a long time coming and this expansion of the video games industry is not slowing down. It is only going to grow as technology improves and becomes more accessible. 

P2E is going to be one of the factors that transform the video games market. This trend has come about in the past 18 months or so, and it too has a lot of improvement to go through. One of the projects doing this is Meta Masters Guild, which is a Web3 mobile gaming guild.

We explain all about Meta Masters Guild here, including how it is tackling some of the major issues prevalent in the video games industry today.

The video games industry has been growing at an exponential rate and, to its credit, it has done this through the hard work of developers and innovative ideas. However, this expansion has come with some side effects.

Meta Masters Guild takes a tough view on these side effects and it criticizes the gaming industry heavily when discussing these. Its description is that the gaming industry is “among the most predatory industries in our world today.” They cite the release of unfinished games or poor-quality games and predatory monetization techniques as some of the biggest issues in the industry. 

Meta Masters Guild wants to change all that with its gaming platform, taking into account players’ feedback and giving them a chance to earn from something they love doing. They primarily want to create games players can enjoy, allowing them to put money into it to earn from that investment. They are clear in their belief that the games must come first, however, and that the earnings are independent of that.

That’s why Meta Masters Guild calls it the Play-and-Earn model, not the Play-to-Earn model. Players earn play games not to earn, but because they enjoy the game – and it just so happens they earn from partaking in their favorite hobby. 

What is the Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is a mobile gaming guild for Web3. It has a bunch of games and features that will incentivize players to participate in the ecosystem, and through it aims to be the “future of P2E.” The project is putting together numerous ideas into one cohesive unit, which creates an ecosystem with individuals that play off of each other very well.

The project will feature NFTs that will have their own value. Players will have multiple ways to earn in addition to these NFTs. This will give NFT collectors a reason to enter the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem.

Most importantly, Meta Masters Guild is creating games that can be enjoyed on their own. The team believes this is critical to getting people onto the platform. These games will offer the ability to earn, stake, and trade.

The Features Meta Masters Has to Offer

As a playground for Web3 enthusiasts, Meta Masters Guild will offer players a wealth of opportunities to invest in the gaming space It is the world’s first mobile-focused Web3 gaming guild, as we mentioned. The mission has been described as building “high quality, blockchain integrated mobile games that will form a decentralized gaming ecosystem, allowing members to sustainably earn rewards in exchange for their contribution to the ecosystem.”

Among the features that Meta Masters Guild has to offer are 

  • The ability to play games to win gems 
  • Exchanging those gems for MEMAG tokens 
  • Winning or buying NFTs from a store 
  • Staking tokens and NFTs to earn yields 
  • Exchanging MEMAG for other tokens like ETH and USDT

These features are designed on the idea that fun comes first, players truly own their assets, communities drive the games and, of course, gamers can play to earn rewards. 

What the team is trying to do is create games that can stand on their own, with the fact that you can earn from them being ancillary. They want the assets that players earn to be fully tradeable. The community will be centrally involved in the decision-making process that drives development. 

The Meta Masters Guild Ecosystem

All of the features in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem will be powered by the MEMAG token, which is currently undergoing its presale. Players will earn in-game rewards in the form of Gems, which can be converted into the MEMAG token. Then, they can cash out or reinvest these tokens into the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem. The idea is that this will incentivize players to spend more time and resources in the ecosystem because it compensates them fairly. 

There will also be premium, in-game NFTs that can be purchased from the Meta Masters Guild store. These will be stored in the wallet and can be used in games. Premium items have better stats and will give players a better chance of winning various games and, in turn, increase the number of gems that they earn. 

One thing to note is that the team is working with developers to create a strong ecosystem. It is encouraging developers to work with them to build good games. Partnerships are on the cards. Players who are highly skilled at a game will also be rewarded for their efforts. Top-level players will receive better rewards and the Meta Masters Guild team wants to foster an eSports scene. 

There will also be an effort to support eSports teams and content creators. The project will support any official eSports team and any creators who wish to play its developed titles. 

Meta Masters Guild has also had its contracts audited and verified by SolidProof, with the team’s KYC credentials checked by Coinsniper. 

Meta Masters Guild Already Has a Bunch of Games

The developer of actual games that are very playable is the number one priority for the Meta Masters Guild. There are three games that have been announced so far: Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT. These are very different kinds of games and will go a long in creating variety.

Meta Kart Racers is a racing game developed by Gamearound which is in the early stages of development. Built for mobile devices, this PvP game sees players compete against each other in the Meta Kart Championship. Players will have to escape from the evil Meta overlords. For their success, they will earn gems that can be traded for MEMAG. 

Meta Masters World is a metaverse that has an expansive world for players to explore. This focuses on exploration so expect a strong open-world game with various mechanics. Meta Masters Guild states that players will have full autonomy in this gaming world and they can participate in such activities as exploring, collecting resources, and entering competitions. This is still in the conceptualization stage.

Raid NFT is quite a different game from the other two. It is a turn-based fighting game where players can choose from several different classes that are warriors. These characters are used to battle other players in a turn-based game in harsh environments. Players earn gems for defeating other players and completing challenges. What’s more, players can either play by themselves or against other players – so there’s something for single-player enthusiasts as well. It is currently in the design stage.

Can Meta Masters Guild Pioneer the P2E Space?

The P2E space is one of the most competitive in the market at the moment. This is for good reason, as there is an enormous amount of potential here. It’s why even AAA gaming studios are looking at how to integrate blockchain tech and NFTs. Still, P2E is only just beginning so there will of course be several new projects emerging. 

Meta Masters Guild is one of the projects that is showing a lot of potential and it can definitely lead the pack in 2023. The fact that it is prioritizing games and not earning mechanics is a big plus point that will convince a lot of gamers to consider its Web3 gaming guild. This is an important aspect that many seem to overlook when it comes to examining P2E projects.

It is when Meta Masters Guild begins launching games that it will really take over the P2E space. The fact that it has multiple of them lined up really works in its favor and when it launches the first one, it will have an enormous positive influence on the platform.

These are some of the reasons to consider participating in the presale. It has already managed to raise over $1.2 million, which indicates how popular the MEMAG presale is. Before we go into the details of the presale and a price prediction, let’s take a look at the team behind Meta Masters Guild.

The Team Behind Meta Masters Guild

The Meta Masters Guild project has 7 individuals working on it. Collectively, they have experience in gaming, finance, art, and product and strategy. The project’s CEO is Gabriel who is also the founder. Matthew Fishtal and Hassan Naveed serve as the project’s advisors, and they have experience in advising crypto projects, product marketing, and strategy. 

Joel Carpenter is the platform’s game concept advisor and he has over 10 years in digital and traditional illustration. He has worked with Headstrong Games, Titan Entertainment, Channel 4, Rocakbox, Bravdo Merchandising, Harley Davidson, and 2000 AD on AAA games development.

Patrick Hegarty serves as the project’s brand ambassador and has over 3 years of experience in crypto. He will help with engaging with the community.

Gamearound will serve as the platform’s lead game developer. The team has experience working with NFTs, games, music, movies, entertainment, art, sports, and virtual real estate. Games include Broken Civilization, Time Travel Racing, Pure Golf, Stride N Seek, among others.

Meta Masters Guild has also partnered with RWaltz, Ruskin Felix, and Pushed for various purposes. They will help with various aspects of platform and game development.

The MEMAG Presale is Heating Up

Meta Masters Guild is currently conducting the presale for its MEMAG token, which powers a lot of the ecosystem’s features. The token is currently in the third stage of its presale, with 1 MEMAG costing 0.013 USDT. So far, it has managed to raise over $1.2 million in the presale, which is a substantial amount for the short amount of time it has been running.

The current presale stage will end in just over 14 days, after which the MEMAG token will see the price increase to 0.016 USDT. The token raced through its second presale stage and it looks like the third presale stage will be just as quick.

The token can be purchased through one of three options: ETH, USDT, and a card. This offers a good few options to users and the fiat option is especially helpful for crypto beginners.

Meta Masters Guild is also running a $100,000 giveaway contest at the moment. The contest is a simple one, with participants only having to complete a few minor tasks. Most of these have to do with social media. Examples include following the project on Twitter, joining the Telegram group, tweeting about the project, visiting the subreddit, and so on.

There is a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The ecosystem has a 5% NFT royalty fee which goes back to the Meta Masters Guild treasury. There is no cap for individual purchases.

The presale has been allotted 35% of the supply i.e. there are 350 million tokens being sold in the presale. 15% each has been dedicated to the ecosystem and marketplace, so that makes up 300 million. 10% each has been dedicated to company reserve, team and exchanging listings, amounting to another 300 million. The remaining 5% has been budgeted for liquidity purposes.

To summarize, here’s the tokenomics:

  • Presale – 35%
  • Ecosystem – 15%
  • Marketplace – 15%
  • Company reserve – 10%
  • Team – 10%
  • Exchange listings – 10%
  • Liquidity – 5% 

What Does the Future Hold for Meta Masters Guild?

While the team already has a lot in the pipeline, the medium and long-term future of the project is also quite exciting. The team has a lot prepared for the future and plans to grow Meta Masters Guild as much as possible. 

It’s worth going over what happened in the past first. The team has managed to do a lot in just a few days.

Q2 2022 saw the project focus on the very basics – vesting, releasing a detailed whitepaper, and the GDD for Meta Kart. Q3 saw a focus on MVP creation and product planning, partnerships with leading NFT artists, and platform design and NFT marketplace development on Ethereum. In Q4 2022, the team turned their attention to the animation and development of Meta Kart, a blockchain contract audit, and Coinsniper KYC approval. 

2023 is where things got really exciting as the team will focus on several key priorities that will actually see the platform become fun to use. 

The first quarter of 2023 focuses on a soft launch of the platform, the NFt store launch, a soft launch of staking, and of course the MEMAG presale. The next quarter focuses on listings on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, listings on various centralized and decentralized exchanges, beginning animation on the Raid NFT game, expansion of NFT characters across games, continuous game development, and new partnerships with Web3 game developers.

Plans for the last half of 2023 are still being discussed, but the team expects to launch the Meta kart demo. It will also focus on project expansion and scaling, and the development of new games and platform features.

MEMAG Price Prediction

Price predictions can be hard to make and this is especially true given the turbulence of the market currently. However, there are some positive signs for MEMAG since the P2E space has so much potential.

Exchange listings will have a huge impact on the price of MEMAG, with a forecast of $0.042 to $0.082 somewhat reasonable. Nothing is set in stone, but MEMAG looks good to make an improvement following exchange listings and the launch of its games.

For a longer-term forecast, MEMAG could potentially hit between $0.3 to $0.4, depending on how much growth the P2E space experiences over the coming years. A 2030 prediction might see it double its value from that aforementioned figure to $0.6 to $0.8.

Remember, none of these predictions are guaranteed, as the crypto market is very volatile.

Meta Masters Guild is Reshaping Gaming

Meta Masters Guild is shaping up to be one of the most successful Web3 gaming projects in the market. It has some effective solutions that can really transform how the video games industry operates and, as such, it could be one of the year’s dark horses.

We recommend looking into the MEMAG presale and the games that the project is building for more information. It truly looks like it can be one of the biggest presales of the year and it’s running out very quickly, so take a look soon.

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