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Connecticut Troopers Fabricated Hundreds of Traffic Tickets


In 2018, four Connecticut State Police troopers collectively created hundreds of fake traffic tickets to make it appear they were more productive than they actually were in order to curry favor and perks from supervisors, the Register Citizen reports. While other phony ticket schemes have led to criminal charges against police officers in Connecticut and numerous other states, these four troopers avoided such serious consequences, even after Connecticut State Police supervisors discussed among themselves whether the troopers violated criminal law.

Two troopers retired and avoided punishment altogether, records show; they are now collecting pensions of nearly $70,000 annually. The other two troopers received suspensions of two days and 10 days and were transferred to new units. Experts said internal affairs documents describe felony behavior by the troopers, such as forgery and making false statements. Reports show internal investigators discovered at least two of the troopers had been creating fake tickets for years, dating back at least to 2016.

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