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Concerns Grow for Safety of California Election Officials

The FBI has received more than 1,000 reports of threats against election workers in the past year alone, and with midterms fast approaching, officials in small, rural and under-resourced counties, such as those in California’s Shasta and Nevada counties, are encountering hostility and aggressive bullying from residents who believe there is widespread voter fraud, reports Dani Anguiano for The Guardian.

Residents in Shasta county have tried to intimidate election workers by confronting them on election days and have also visited voters’ homes while claiming to be part of an “official taskforce”. In Nevada county, residents harassed an election official and pushed their way into her office, assaulting a staffer.

They have filed dozens of public records requests and even installed a trail camera outside the office, seemingly intending to monitor election workers. The California Voter Foundation is trying to support election officials by providing de-escalation training and other resources to their offices.

Offices throughout the state are considering fortifying their building to prevent access and some have installed bulletproof glass while some officials have taken out restraining orders against residents.

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