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Commission Labels Mexican Students’ Disappearance State-Sponsored Crime


The Mexican government’s Truth Commission has determined that the 2014 mass kidnapping of 43 students in southern Mexico was a state-sponsored crime involving federal and state authorities at the highest levels of government, The Guardian reports. The commission confirmed in a report of more than 41,000 documents that the federal government at the time, including the Mexican military and federal police, were aware of the students’ movements from the time they left their rural school campus in Tixtla to their arrival in Iguala, Guerrero where the students were abducted.

Local law enforcement officials then worked in conjunction with a large group of cartel gunmen and lookouts to abduct the students, the report confirmed, and despositions from nearly 40 soldiers revealed the military’s inaction. “All testimony and evidence suggest [the students] were cunningly killed and disappeared,” said Alejandro Encinas, deputy director of Mexico’s Human Rights Commission.

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