CoderPad adds front-end frameworks to aid managers in hiring developers


CoderPad Inc., maker of an assessment platform for candidates for technical jobs, today is rolling out front-end and back-end frameworks to help managers make more informed hiring decisions.

The frameworks includes the React JavaScript library for building user interfaces, Angular JavaScript-based framework for developing single-page applications, Vue JavaScript framework for user interface design, Svelte JavaScript compiler and HTML/Cascading Style Sheets/JavaScript. Support for back-end frameworks will be delivered coming by the end of the month.

CoderPad said the frameworks enable companies to evaluate technical candidates better in a setting that closely mirrors day-to-day work. Interviewing managers can conduct interviews in their preferred frameworks, understand better how candidates think about a problem, assess code cleanliness, import modules and organize code for more specific interview scenarios, and give candidates the flexibility to structure their code as they want.

A framework is a foundation on which to build software, providing a starting point for a program to be built and customized with code, CoderPad Chief Executive Amanda Richardson said in response to emailed questions. “Without front-end frameworks, developers would be back in the bad old times when you had to write foundational JavaScript/HTML to make front-end changes to a site,” she said. “Frameworks do the vast majority of that for you.”

The closer the coding environment is to the real world, she said, “the better signal the interviewer gets for how [candidates will] perform on the job… from debugging an app to evaluating code cleanliness to fixing an app that has missing components, broken functionality, or needs data from an application program interface.”

The chosen frameworks represent some of the popular in use today and front-end roles “are some of the most in-demand jobs this year,” Richardson said. CoderPad’s 2022 Tech Hiring Survey found that web development was the most in-demand skill by tech recruiters, she said.

“Companies can now install custom packages as part of the interview experience, giving interviewers or interviewees the ability to customize their environment with a shell,” Richardson said. “That’s a huge step toward replicating the exact environment the candidate would be working in on the job.”

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