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Canadian Mounties Face Called Out for Institutional Failures, Handling of Mass Killings


Canada’s national police force is facing international scrutiny for secretive and incomplete communication with the public in the wake of its handling of two mass killings, the Guardian reports. In September, when a man killed 10 people in the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Saskatchewan, police failed to inform the public that he was wanted on unrelated charges earlier in the summer and, later, after the man’s arrest, did not lead a press conference about his apprehension with the key news: that he died in police custody. 

Elsewhere in Nova Scotia in 2020, a man went on a shooting spree that killed 22 people. As the tragedy unfolded, police did not send an emergency alert to the community and waited 12 hours to share that the suspect was driving a fake police car. According to the Guardian, during a public inquiry into the police handling, investigators “heard that two victims died in the time it took Canadian police to get internal approval to tweet a warning to the public about the suspect.” 

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