Built for Entrepreneurs, Caffeinated Labs Launches Caffeinated Creatures


The Caffeinated Creatures NFT Collection helps businesses scale through connections, content, and capital. NFT shown is one of their 12 Legendary Creatures.

Launching the first of its kind NFT collection created for Entrepreneurs, Caffeinated Labs LLC is innovating the function of NFTs to enable entrepreneurial endeavors and empower success. Based on the idea that who and what you know matters, the project focuses on content, capital, and networking – elevating every entrepreneur’s journey into true success stories.  

Turning the current free mint meta on its head, the project has fully built out its dashboard and several courses so that on Day One, every holder will have more value at their fingertips than any other free mint project that comes to mind in 2022.

In scaling the tools provided by the NFT collection, holders will be able to document their journey or view others and illuminate the common struggles, successes, and shared path of starting something from the ground up. The off-chain token, $Caffeine is the engine behind a powerful dashboard that connects entrepreneurs and helps them to succeed. Furthermore, each individual holder gains lifetime access to everything offered by Caffeinated Creatures as long as they hold at least one NFT.  

This includes a way to select future content and training, access to all recorded content on demand, and the ability to get funded for entrepreneurial projects, whatever they may be – this is all possible through Caffeinated Creatures.

The project will fund the community via the Caff Tank, one of the flagship components of the project. With the ability to go after what one desires in the realm of business, Caffeinated Labs is creating an entire ecosystem devoted to accessible, relatable business-building – it doesn’t require a fortune or out-of-reach resources to get there. 

The Caffeinated Creatures vision centers around helping over 10,000 entrepreneurs over the next three years. The project aims to do that by starting out with a free mint and building value day after day until they’ve completed their vision. The future is bright for the Caffeinated community. 

To learn more about Caffeinated Creatures, visit their website at  and engage with the project and its fans on Twitter and Discord. Additionally, tune into the Caffeinated Hustle podcast where content creators and guests are already planning for and creating post-minting opportunities for the Caffeinated Creatures community. 

About Caffeinated Labs

Caffeinated Labs is building the future of entrepreneurship with a Web3 focus, merging valuable tools and utilities with community and connection at the forefront. Their pioneer NFT collection, Caffeinated Creatures, aims to help business builders scale their efforts through content, connections, and capital. With access to a growing and passionate group of engaged entrepreneurs and real-world utility, Caffeinated Labs hopes to elevate the efforts of thousands in the coming years, making business-building dreams a reality. 

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Name: Ben Carson
Phone: 1(800) 696 3218
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