Budblockz To Release NFT Collection To Combat Bored Ape Yacht Club And Cryptopunk

Non-fungible tokens quickly became the mainstream of the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. And for good reason. You see, NFTs became popular owing to their captivating and exciting artwork which is a staple representation of a ton of NFT projects. What do you think of when you hear the term NFT? Animate and pixelized images of dogs, apes, items, etc, right? Exactly!

However, one of the other primary reasons that have majorly contributed to the rise of NFTs is their capability of seamlessly fusing and assimilating with Play-to-Earn in-game mechanics. It is this very fact that has provided us with a completely groundbreaking and revolutionary aspect of modern gaming, known as P2E NFT. 

The Economics of the In-Game Phenomenon

In the world of NFT gaming, participants (who are mostly gamers) have the opportunity to access pretty fun gameplay similar to traditional PC or console gaming. However, one of the main differences between P2E NFT gaming and traditional gaming is that the former provides gamers with the chance to tap into a series of varying game functionalities thanks to blockchain and decentralized innovation.  

This technology has enabled the development of a more streamlined and booming in-game economy where players can play to earn rewards in the form of digital tokens and currencies by participating in and winning different types of tournaments or challenges. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club

When you talk about NFTs, it’s vital to mention the success and popularity garnered by the Bored Ape Yacht Club as a mainstream non-fungible token platform. The BAYC comprises thousands of NFT holders, traders, and enthusiasts. It is also one of the most successful NFT projects as it was the only platform to be able to sell its entire NFT collection (10,000 NFTs) in a very short amount of time. Moreover, it’s also astonishing to see that the BAYC NFTs have also garnered tremendous value over time. 

This popularity and commercial success along with a diverse network of users has provided the BAYC an explosive opportunity to integrate into P2E NFT gaming as well.  

Cryptopunk NFTs

Cryptopunk comes shortly behind the BAYC NFT race. The NFT platform has offered users a diverse collection of exhilarating pixel images (10,000). Every image features a different character, item, or combination of personalities, and also contains special characters. All of these images are generated at random. 

It’s also important to state that Cryptopunk is also one of the earliest NFT projects that were launched on Ethereum and are known as a very popular and mainstream NFT platform. According to a report posted by Decrypt, Cryptopunk managed to secure a massive trading volume of over $110 billion in 2021. 


BudBlockz is a pretty powerful contender to the NFT race and expectations for the platform to be the next mainstream NFT project is off the roof! One of the main reasons why everybody is so excited about the project is that aims to innovatively integrate the cannabis industry and businesses using the Web 3.0 ecosystem in the blockchain world. 

But that’s not it. BudBlockz has a lot of other things to offer. For example, it’s primed to become one of the first major NFT projects to fuse the blockchain environment with cannabis-based Play-to-Earn features. This is huge! Their gaming platform is known as BudBlockz Arcade, where players will have access to a wide collection of retro arcade games that were inspired by Sega, NES, and SNES. 

Bottom Line

In all, only time will tell which P2E NFT projects will experience growth and popularity in terms of their capability to offer seamless interoperability in gaming, digital asset-building, and NFTs.

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