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Brazil Bans Guns in Capital Region Until President-Elect is Inaugurated


After a contentious presidential election, Brazil’s top court ruled that gun carrying will be banned in the federal district of the capital region of Brasilia from Wednesday evening to January 2, the day after Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will be sworn in as president, Deutsche Welle reports. Security forces will be exempt from the ban. The temporary ban shares some similarities with gun-free zone policies in New York that were recently challenged in federal court.

The decision comes after riots broke out in Brazil’s capital region after incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro narrowly lost to Lula on October 31. Since then, Bolsonaro supporters have been vocal in opposing Lula and some have called for a military coup. Bolsonaro allowed for the presidential transition to begin but has yet to concede the election. Lula’s new administration purportedly called for the gun suspension due to concerns of violence. Brazilian police also reportedly stopped a bomb plot in the capitol region near where Lula was staying on December 24.

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