BNB, Axie Infinity, Dogecoin, And BudBlockz

Some crypto coins have ended October with a loud bang, so many crypto holders see their portfolios slowly recovering after this long crypto winter. For some optimists, the market appears to enter a new bullish phase, which could erase all the losses from the previous months. Moving forward, here’s why you should keep an eye on BNB, Axie Infinity, Dogecoin, and BudBlockz. 


BNB, previously known as Binance Coin, reached new highs based on the hype around Elon Musk acquiring Twitter. The crypto coin is Binance’s token – also the largest crypto exchange in terms of volume.  Most of the growth can be explained by this event as Binance is getting ready to help Twitter eliminate bots, and the exchange has also pumped about $500 million in the takeover. It led to BNB’s price reaching its top performance since August. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a gaming platform, and its native token is AXS. The play-to-earn ecosystem has been a leader in the crypto world since its release , but the crypto winter did not spare the token.  Some investors may wonder if it’s worth buying the dip or whether AXS will continue plummeting. One of the causes of uncertainty is the news of unlocking (supplying) more tokens, which could mean a decrease in value for its holders.

Nonetheless, the COO of Axie Infinity, Aleksander Leonard, did explain that the additional tokens to be unlocked will not be poured into circulation, but rather they will have a more flexible issuance tailored to the demand. It could be an excellent opportunity for investors looking to buy the dip, as long as Axie Infinity’s plans will smooth out the selling pressure. 

Dogecoin (DOGE) Is Making a Comeback

The news of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter pushed Dogecoin to new highs since Musk is known as the biggest cryptocurrency supporter.  It is not surprising to find out that Tesla even accepts payments in DOGE. Hence, DOGE holders embrace a new wave of optimism, hoping that Twitter will also accept this crypto coin soon, boosting its value. 


BudBlockz is the first decentralized platform for cannabis enthusiasts and one of this year’smost popular and successful presales.  The project has shaken the crypto market to the core since its launch in August and has yet to go live, with the official launch date in early December. 

BudBlockz attracted investors’ attention not only because of its first-mover advantage but also  the numerous investment opportunities available. Apart from direct gains from the token’s increasing value ($BLUNT), investors can acquire NFTs from the marketplace, which will grant them fractional ownership of marijuana businesses. 

In addition, BudBlockz essentially works as the first decentralized platform where buyers and sellers located in countries that have legalized marijuana can conduct transactions securely and transparently. 

Bottom Line

Overall, BNB, Axie Infinity, Dogecoin, and BudBlockz should be at the top of your shortlist. because they have great potential and may just turn into the top crypto projects this year. 

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