Bitcoin Futures Market Is On The Verge Of A Bullish Signal While Mining Revenue Hits The Lowest!


It is reported that the Bitcoin futures market has reached its historical market bottom while the two-year low mining revenue becomes a barrier for a BTC bull run. 

The last few weeks have become a nightmare for the entire crypto space due to FTX’s collapse that dragged down the global market cap from the $1 trillion mark.

The impact of FTX’s demise is not only limited to the crypto market and investors, as it has affected the trading and mining industry hard.

It is reported that the Bitcoin futures market has entered the historically bottom zone while the BTC mining revenue dropped to its two-year low with a declining hash rate. 

BTC Futures Market Slips To Backwardation

Since the crypto winter accelerated by FTX’s bankruptcy filing, traders have faced ample difficulties in following the flow of the BTC market.

An analytics firm, IntoTheBlock, revealed that the Bitcoin futures market had entered such a bottom zone that was previously marked as a final capitulation region before a bull market. 


IntoTheBlock further states that the BTC futures market is currently experiencing a sharp backwardation, which signifies a lower value of the BTC futures contract than the spot value.

The high selling pressure from long-term holders and whale investors of Bitcoin has created a backwardation zone in the last two weeks. 

However, it is believed that excessive negative funding rates may lead to a short squeeze for BTC price as short-sellers will be forced to exit their positions if BTC makes a slight upward reversal. 


The firm noted, “Times where futures contracts are in backwardation tend to align with market bottoms, as happened in March 2020 and May 2021. A similar trend can be observed with highly negative funding rates. Is Bitcoin bottoming?”

Bitcoin Mining Revenue Reaches The Lowest Since 2020

This year has not been fruitful enough for BTC miners as the crypto failed to fulfil their expectations and mining revenue. Due to several macro conditions and drastic bearish events in the crypto space, the revenue of Bitcoin miners has touched a low since 2 November 2020.

Additionally, the mining difficulty has also peaked within the Bitcoin network; however, miners were able to recover some portion of their losses as the hash rate moved on a declining road. 

The BTC mining revenue, including transaction fees and block rewards, has dropped to a low of $11.67 million today, which was previously recorded on 2 November 2020 when the BTC price was roaming around $13,500.

However, the current range-bound area of $16,500 for Bitcoin suggests a better-than-expected mining revenue; major factors like increasing demand in computational power, inflation and mining difficulty have lowered the mining revenue this year.

Digging further, the mining difficulty of BTC has jumped to an all-time whooping high of 37 trillion, forcing miners to increase computational power to meet expected mining revenue. Thus, it compels traditional Bitcoin miners to give up their mining rigs to wound their losses.

However, the BTC hash rate has dropped rapidly over the last three months, and now it stands near 225.9 exahash per second (EH/s), with a fall of 28.6% from its all-time high of 316,7 EH/s. 

The Bitcoin mining industry has been shaken by FTX’s effects as the miners and traders have been severely compressed due to the turmoil. As the hash price experiences new lows every month, it has become a challenging situation for BTC miners’ survival. 

However, the crypto market has received bullish reactions from its community as investors continue to make a stable support zone by investing in the dip and attempting to pull the market from its ongoing downtrend. 

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