Bitcoin, Ethereum Show Signs Of Recovery, Helium Gains Over 45 Percent; Tamadoge (TAMA) Has Been Listed On LBank

After reaching its lowest peak in three months last Tuesday, Bitcoin price finally rose above $21,000 this weekend. In addition to this upward bitcoin price correction, trends suggest there could be more recovery in the global crypto market within the next few days as Ethereum charts also show upturns. 

The Helium coin is currently on a bull run as the charts show over 45% gain within the last week. Ongoing Price actions show that the altcoin may encounter resistance when it reaches the $5.5 mark. Speaking of altcoins, the Tamadoge token presale is fast selling out as investors look towards the official launch in the last Q4. Despite the significant pump in market price and volume activity of major cryptos, analysts believe that Tamadoge may generate the most profit at the end of the week.

Tamadoge— The Future of Play-To-Earn Cryptocurrencies

Tamadoge is one of the most successful projects of 2022, despite being just one month into its presales. The project has shattered multiple records and is about to raise $15 million on ticket sales in its eighth phase. The project pre-launch is divided into phases; as each phase is completed, the price of the token increases.

Currently, the price of one USDT is equivalent to thirty-six TAMA. This phase is 60M tokens away from completion. The ninth phase will raise the price of one TAMA to $0.03. Given the strong community engagement with TAMA, as seen on the team’s telegram channel, it won’t be long before the eighth phase is finished. The team has revealed that the ninth phase will mark the end of the presale.  

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Tamadoge’s LBANK Listing is Now Confirmed!

It has been announced that TAMA has secured a spot in LBANK’s listings. This news is a welcome development for early and prospective adopters of Tamadoge as they rush to buy more tokens. The team also announced on its channel that more CEX listings would be announced in the coming days. 

Investors mentioned that the tokenomics of this project is one of the reasons why they’re drawn to it. Unlike other significant altcoins in circulation, Tamadoge has a regulated volume. The token has a total supply of 2 billion; however, half of this will be sold out before the game launches. Another reason is the team’s success in attracting beneficial collaborations to improve the coin’s utility and expand the spread of meme coin adoption globally. Recently, the team announced that the project has Fiat On-Ramp support, allowing users to purchase TAMA easily by exchanging Ether tokens bought via local payment methods like Transak. With this, both novices and pro-traders can safely invest and participate in the meme coin Metaverse.

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BTC and Ethereum on the Road to Recovery 

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is slightly above $21,000. It climbed this mark after showing an extremely worrying dip during the week. Ethereum, which also experienced similar drops in its charts over the last weeks, showed strong signs of upturns. The global crypto market, including relatively new tokens, has shown varying jumps in the past two days to mark an almost 4.50 percent gain in price. 

Although these signs of recovery are encouraging to the average crypto investor, some experts claim that bitcoin and significant altcoins could still have a tough month. These predictions are based on the global economic challenges stifling the stock markets. Still, the Tamadoge team says that investors are better off stocking up TAMA tokens at these trying times, while experts also advise everyday investors to hold off buying BTC and Ethereum in the meantime.

Helium faces an upward trend to gain back 45 percent

Just months after a brutal beat down to less than 50%, the Helium coin has made rebounds to gain back 45%. This proof of coverage coin sells at $5.27 on major decentralized exchanges. 

Experts predict an extended bull run as the coin continues to recover with a double-digit gain. Additionally, it is uncertain whether the asset can hold its ground  against the tether even as its wicks continue to show strength.

Conclusion— To Buy Tamadoge or Not?

Investing in Tamadoge is not bad because it has a lower risk exposure in the meme coin market. Experts say it’s a far lower risk than stocking up major cryptos right now, not to mention that it has long-term and short-term profit potential. If you’re interested in investing in Tamadoge before the presale tokens sell out, below is an easy step-by-step process to get it done quickly.

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