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Investors anticipate that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates once again this week, which has caused significant losses for Bitcoin, Ether, and the overall crypto market. Despite a bullish shift in the market a day earlier, it was unable to reverse the trend.

Rekt Capital, a well-known crypto expert, expects that the price of Bitcoin might drop below $13,900 and reach $11,500 in the worst case scenario. 

The Bitcoin price is currently failing to break the $20,000 mark on a monthly basis, displaying volatility. The $20,000-$23,350 region will mostly determine bulls and bears in this market. 

However, the lackluster price movement in September shows that $20,000 is currently acting as a resistance level. The following support levels for Bitcoin are $17,165 and $13,900 if the price of the cryptocurrency falls below $20,000 by month’s end.

After a Death Cross, historically, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) develops a bottom at or below the 200-weekly moving average (WMA). Retracements following the Death Cross have ranged from -42% to -73%.

What does death-cross say?

Therefore, based on previous post-Death Cross retracements and support levels, it is expected that the price of bitcoin would bottom out at roughly $13,900. In the worst-case scenario, the price of bitcoin would fall to $11,500.

The drop looks most likely because the price of bitcoin has already fallen below the 200-WMA and the psychological milestone of $20,000.

However, compared to prior eras, there is a significant change in the market cap size, liquidity, and institutional and retail use of Bitcoin now.

In 2015, there were 547 days before the Bitcoin halving, while in 2018, there were 517 days. The bottom will therefore happen in Q4 of this year if Bitcoin is going to reach its lowest point 517–547 days prior to the planned April 2024 halving.

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