Big Eyes Coin – A Revolutionary Blockchain Network Sweeping the Market Off its Feet


T he Big Eyes Coin (BIG) coin is a recent development with a special branding that has captured the attention (and hearts) of many onlookers. While many meme coins have approached the crypto market with dogs as the face of their image, the Big Eyes team has chosen to capitalize on cute, embodying the sweet softness of a cat, and admittedly, that’s a pretty good move! Big Eyes Coin has established its uniqueness, owning the “cute” tag as it is further explained to be a community-run DeFi system whose goal is to contribute to the wealth of others.

How does Big Eyes Coin Plan to Operate?

Big Eyes intends to circulate the cute, dubbing its precious community as Kitty cuddlers, spreading paws, awws, and fortune. Big Eyes Coin intends to promote its platform and abilities by utilizing the influencer economy to the fullest, which is a brilliant approach thanks to the completely adorable character it made as the face of its operations. As a result, Big Eyes has the potential to be taken in and coddled by celebrities and influencers around the globe, granting it a wider range of reach.

Big Eyes might see a remarkable amount of growth and development as a meme coin globally, materialized by the 5% of its tokens set aside for marketing purposes. Thanks to its desire to equip itself with NFTs to offer users access to more events and materials that will make the blockchain concept more inviting, Big Eyes developers plan to supply more by building a blockchain ecosystem that independently generates hypergrowth.

Another 5% of Big Eyes tokens will be donated to charity, specifically ocean sanctuaries worldwide, in a bid to aid ocean wildlife in getting their strength back and flourishing despite the damages it has suffered from natural disasters like climate change and man-made disasters such as plastic pollution, oil spills and industrial fishing.

The remaining 90% of its tokens are going to be available to members of the Big Eyes’ community from the first day of its official launch, with great hopes of acquiring a large number of holders at the last stage of its plans. Big Eyes is offering users a chance to own an NFT reconciled in the top ten projects and holders of such NFTs will be granted access to some of the platform’s special exclusive events like the Big Eyes Sushi Crew – a club made specifically for NFT holders.

Big Eyes is set apart even further from other coins thanks to its effective tax system and tax-excluded purchasing. Big Eyes plans on making a debut on Uniswap, a popular cryptocurrency exchange known to utilize a decentralized network protocol, providing a medium through which more users engage BIG tokens in trades as they like, without fear of centralized third-party involvement. 

Big Eyes Coin hopes to spread warm cuteness and brightness with the help of its endearing and loveable mascot, while also accumulating prosperity for its users and raising awareness of the harm oceans and seas across the world are plagued by. Big Eyes is full of big dreams and believes that without a doubt, it can accomplish every one of its goals, healing the planet along the way.

Does Big Eyes have a Road Map?

Big Eyes have planned their big debut thoroughly, adorably illustrating each step they intend to take by naming them ironically, ensuring that potential users and enthusiasts can follow along easily. The roadmap not only gives information on when certain events go live, but it also shares some goals Big Eyes Coin wishes to achieve, upgrades it wishes to make to its platform, as well as its charity provisions, reflecting its thorough standards and aspiration to attain new heights of greatness with every stage.

Stage One – Crouch 

  • Audit of token x3
  • Pre-sale website live
  • Media stunt live
  • Pre-sale live
  • PR machine live
  • Social channels live
  • 15,000 telegram members

Stage Two – Leap

  • Launch of Uniswap
  • Full website live
  • 25,000 Telegram members
  • 20,000 holders
  • First donation to charity
  • Verification of all socials
  • Influencer campaign
  • Media stunt
  • Meme machine at full tilt
  • Community given Big Eyes e-sticker
  • NFT snippets released
  • Big Eyes Swap live
  • Listed on new SWAPS
  • First bridge added
  • Merch shop live

Stage Three – Run 

  • NFT release
  • First NFT exclusive IRL
  • Second donation to charity
  • 50,000 Telegram members
  • 50,000 holders
  • Massive influencer campaign
  • Bigger media stunt
  • Meme machine on overdrive
  • Community Big Eyes e-stickers refreshed

Stage Four – Catwalk

  • All about community events
  • $1 million to charity
  • Bridge more chains
  • Add more swaps
  • NFTs evolve

What Information is there on Big Eyes’ Tokenomics?

Big Eyes have expressed the amazing news that 90% of its tokens will be available for users to purchase out of its 200 billion tokens. Big Eyes has quite a big heart as well, determined to contribute to the conservation of aquatic and oceanic ecosystems, with plans to give 5% of its tokens to charities working towards saving and protecting the aforementioned ecosystems.

Big Eyes’ native cryptocurrency is $BIG and its journey into the cryptocurrency market has been documented in stages. The first stage is dubbed ‘Crouch’ consisting of the coin’s launch along with the platform’s social channels. ‘Leap’ is the second stage and it is around this time that Big Eyes benefits become apparent in sanctuaries as the platform’s first donation is provided. At the third stage ‘Run’ Big Eye estimates that its second donation might be potentially larger than the first, with the goal of 50,000 holders hopefully achieved by that point. Stage four is centered around community events and is called ‘Catwalk’ and for the ocean sanctuaries, this means Big Eyes will be donating a million dollars to save the fish. 

Some might think it is philanthropic, but it would be nice to remember that Big Eyes’ mascot is a cat that loves sushi as opposed to dead mice and a lot of the saved fish will serve as tasty meals to it in the future.

Big Eyes Coin tokens have their initial liquidity pool initially locked in for two years, without any additional fees accompanying its sale or purchase in the form of taxes.

Is Big Eyes a Scam?

Big Eyes is fairly new and has not been the subject of any issues as far as can be seen, but crypto users are advised to handle this coin like they would any other – with caution. All coins come with their potential risks and sometimes, certain unfortunate occurrences might unavoidably take place.

Nonetheless, Big Eyes Coin should not be perceived as a deceitful coin, as it has scheduled not one, not two, but three different audits to verify its safety for use. This shows that Big Eyes are intent on providing users with a secure platform to carry out their passive earnings, without any lingering concerns or worries.

That, and if it’s cute mascot does not sing a song of innocence, one might never know what will. Big Eyes seems to be a legitimate business venture on all counts. It might appear sneaky by using a cute big-eyed cat to attract potential clients, but users can rest assured that Big Eyes desires to enrich the lives of all those that side with them. Acquiring the love and adoration – as well as fish – from their loyal Kitty Cuddlers is just a bonus.

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