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Are Native American Votes In Arizona Suppressed After Widespread Turnout In 2020? 


In 2020, Native American votes were largely responsible for turning Arizona blue in the federal election. Instead of working to build trust and affinity with Native voters in Arizona, Republican legislators and the state’s governor are working against them, Sue Halpern reports in a sweeping look at Native American voters on Navajo, Apache and Hopi reservations for the New Yorker.

The 2021 Supreme Court decision in Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee out of Arizona rolled back accepted protections from the Voting Rights Act which protected people from “abridgements” of their right to vote based on race. In effect, this decision allowed Arizona to ban ballot collection from outside set precincts, a method widely used by Native voters in the state. In 2022, Halpern writes, the Native vote in Arizona will undoubtedly be suppressed by this move. Read the full story here.

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