Arcomia Raises $200,000 In The First Hours Of Their Pre-Seed


The next-gen metaverse Arcomia is being built to bring blockchain into mainstream virtual experiences. By offering advantages such as interoperability, monetization capabilities, digital scarcity, and true ownership, it hopes to attract both crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts. 

The vision of Arcomia Labs Ltd. is loud and clear and investors seem to know that. The game studio behind Arcomia aims to bring the people who love current virtual worlds & gaming to the world of blockchain and to attract the consumers of the regular gaming industry. Aiming to combine the best solutions from WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 into one ecosystem (the metaverse). Within 24 hours of their pre-seed they managed to raise $150,000 in funding. Something you don’t see often in current crypto market conditions. In this article, we will include the most important information about Arcomia and their RCM token. 

About Arcomia

Arcomia is a metaverse powered by the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon, which is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible networks. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications using RCM, the main utility token of the platform. RCM holders are able to participate in governance of the platform via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). 

As an Arcomia users’ can claim ownership of virtual land on a blockchain-based ledger of plots. Landowners control what content is published to their portion of land which is identified by a set of coordinates (x,y,z) on the blockchain – meaning the world of Arcomia can scale both horizontally and vertically. The vertical approach is something unseen and solves the problem of ‘dead parcels’ where users are blocked from traveling around. 

Content creators build experiences, which can range from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games. The land plots are non-fungible, transferrable, scarce tokenized assets (NFT) on the Ethereum Blockchain. It can be acquired by using RCM or on the secondary market using ETH. RCM can also be used to make in-world purchases of digital goods and services. 

Why are investors interested in Arcomia?

The Metaverse will mean different things to different people. Many will be attracted to the social aspect of gaming, while others will see the opportunity for business, acquisition, and investment. This utopian idea that we will be able to do everything in the Metaverse that we do in real life, but without restrictions, allowing you to really expand your mind, will naturally attract every type of person. When it comes to everything laid out in Arcomia’s whitepaper, all of those opportunities seem to exist and even beyond. Not only is their vision a lot bigger than any other metaverse, but they also seem to do it in a very mature yet fast developing way. Comparing Arcomia’s polished look and feel to other metaverses it seems they are taking the lead. An Arcomian spokesman said: “Smooth animations and polished gameplay are a necessity and there should be no discussion as to whether or not the gameplay is good or bad” .

For this, it seems their team has chosen to use The Unreal Engine 5.0, which enables game developers and creators across industries to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before; which is the most advanced and open real-time 3D creation tools for metaverse development with the highest rendering methods you can imagine.

Follow Arcomia

Whilst the project is still in development and not much is known about their upcoming public sales – it seems inevitable that they will launch a token or NFT sale soon. Their website shows a whitelist signup form and one can easily sign up there. Furthermore we recommend joining their community on Discord which seems to grow rapidly.

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