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Apologies for Police Misconduct Not Enough, Say Advocates 

Axios has analyzed apologies issued by Columbus, Ohio police and officials, now two years out from a highly controversial incident where officers disrupted 2020 protests with wooden bullets, one in a series of incidents that significantly damaged public trust in the department. In 2021, a deputy chief for the department apologized for the protest incidents, and the city settled a number of claims. But activists say that apologies won’t cut it without serious change.

Judson Jeffries, a scholar with expertise in African American and African Studies and police and community relations, compared the situation to a fender bender for Axios’ Alissa Widman Neese: “if the person gets out and apologizes for it, and the person is sincere … It’s a step in the right direction. But at the end of the day, the car still needs repairing.”

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