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Andrew Tate’s ‘Loverboy’ Trafficking Arrest Was Not His First

Andrew Tate, an online influencer within the “manosphere”, once known for his advice as a pick up artist, was arrested in late December by Romanian police on suspicion of operating an “organized criminal group” trafficking women for sex. Yesterday, Vice News reported in an exclusive that Tate was arrested on similar charges seven years ago in the United Kingdom, when he and his brother were running a webcam pornography operation in 2015. The Crown Prosecution Service declined to prosecute the case. 

Romanian authorities describe Tate as having recruited women to his operation using the “loverboy method” of trafficking, using physical violence and mental coercion to force women to perform sexually online. Women who spoke with Vice say he used the same methods with them back in the United Kingdom. One woman aired her frustrations with the British criminal justice system, claiming if they had intervened “they could have stopped [Tate] from doing the exact same abuse to these women in Romania.” 

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