An Open-Source Font For The Polkadot Community

Polkadot blockchain creators Parity Technologies and the Web3 Foundation have announced the launch of a brand new font called Unbounded, which they say is the first on-chain funded project of its kind in the world. 

The Unbounded font was created by the Web3 Foundation with the help of the Koto and NaN agencies, with funding provided by the Polkadot Treasury, a decentralized autonomous organization that enables the Polkadot community to vote on which projects should receive financial backing. 

The font, which will be implemented on the official Polkadot website, boasts support for over 400 languages and is being pitched as the perfect typeface for various projects building on the blockchain. 

That’s no empty claim. Polkadot is known for being one of the most international of all blockchain ecosystems, with projects based all over the world. Its developer community speaks multiple languages, and it’s hard to find such creative and expressionist fonts that have such extensive support. 

What’s unique about Unbounded is that it has over 1,300 individually designed glyphs, which include multiple kinds of special symbols and even a totally unique figure building system. Add to that, it supports both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. What’s more, its creators say they have paid special attention to the hundreds of obscure African languages which have very limited support with other common fonts. 

Unbounded is being made freely available through an open-source license, in-line with the beliefs of the Web3 Foundation, said its design lead Ignasi Albero. 

“We think of Web3 brands as ‘composable’, meaning its core elements can provide a framework for the community to build design upon,” he said. “We developed a high-quality open-source font that will allow the Polkadot brand to evolve and at the same time grow the creative community.”

The font itself is certainly very beautiful, marked by a distinctive form and unconventional details that are said to be as disruptive as the movement that inspired it. 

The Web3 Foundation said one of its guiding principles was the idea that “one size fits none”. It noted that the introduction of variable fonts has had a big impact in terms of inspiring creativity among designers and users. 

“By combining adaptive styles into a single file, they give people more choice, and free rein to both experimentation and expression,” the Foundation said. 

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