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Alex Jones Ordered to Pay $965 Million to Sandy Hook Parents 


A Connecticut jury has ruled Alex Jones must pay $965 million to family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims and an FBI agent for defaming them and promoting the conspiracy theory that the shooting never happened, and that the victims and their dead relatives were lying about the deaths of twenty children and six adults in December, 2012, Dave Collins reports for the Associated Press. Jones regularly repeated false information about the Sandy Hook shooting and refused to follow court rules. He failed to produce records that would have shown if InfoWars profited from Sandy Hook coverage. That resulted in a finding of liability that disqualified him from making an argument on freedom of speech grounds.

The decision is Jones’ second loss; another child’s parents were awarded nearly $50 million in an August decision in Texas. Jones didn’t attend court Wednesday, instead reacting belligerently on his show: “All made up. Hilarious,” Jones said. “So this is what a show trial looks like. I mean, this is the left completely out of control.”

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