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A Survivor of a 1963 KKK Bombing Still Waits for Alabama to Pay Up


Sarah Collins Rudolph, the survivor of a Ku Klux Klan bombing that killed her sister and three other Black girls at an Alabama church 59 years ago, is still waiting for the state to compensate her for her injuries, including the loss of an eye and pieces of glass that remain inside her body, reports the Associated Press. Two years ago, while apologizing to Rudolph, Gov. Kay Ivey said legislative involvement was needed in deciding compensation.

No bill has been introduced to compensate Rudolph, legislative records show, and it’s unclear whether such legislation could win passage anyway since conservative Republicans hold an overwhelming majority and have made an issue of reeling in history lessons that could make white people feel bad about the past. Moreover, while the state compensates victims of other attacks, including 9/11, even the church where the bombing occurred has gotten government money for renovations. Rudolph said she still incurs medical expenses from the explosion.

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