54X Likely after 2X during Presale, Fantom Whales Buying Oryen to be prepared for the next Bull Wave


As the crypto market continues to experience turbulence, some investors are seeing this as an opportunity to buy up assets in preparation for the next bull wave.

Oryen is a new DeFi initiative developed on Binance Smart Chain that offers the easiest staking system and high rewards. Its presale has only been live for a month. However, the price has already doubled, indicating investors are on the alert to buy up the industry’s next big thing.

Most price analysts have already given their predictions for as far as 2025, forecasting that $ORY will likely reach $5.4 in the following years. The prognosis has awakened Fantom whales, pushing them to stockpile $ORY before it launches.

How Does Oryen Work?

Oryen Network is a decentralized protocol with auto-staking and auto-compounding that provides investors a fixed yearly yield of 90%. Oryen’s key objective is maintaining a sustainable reward system while building investor trust. Utilities will help grow the $ORY ecosystem while offering economic value. 

With the DeFi sector crowded with staking protocols that distribute rebasing payouts every eight hours, Oryen delivers rebase incentives with a far smaller epoch (60-minute rebase period) — 24 times a day, becoming the crypto industry’s quickest AutoStaking protocol. 

This is done through a complex rebase procedure that runs every hour and is supported by Risk-Free Value wallets and Liquidity growth mechanisms. 

Liquidity is crucial to the long-term health of the $ORY protocol since holders are rewarded with the APY. Each purchase order adds 8% to the growth of the $ORY/BNB pair, while each sale contributes 12%. The volume of Oryen’s pool will assist in offsetting the effect of large sales. 

The protocol has recently received an audit label from SolidPoof, a major blockchain security organization. The news played a crucial role in increasing investor trust and, consequently, adoption. 

With the final launch scheduled for December 30th, early $ORY backers are eager to begin the new year with enormous gains.

Why Are Fantom Whales Considering Oryen?

Fantom is a blockchain project with intelligent functionality that provides crypto enthusiasts with a whole new dApp environment. Fantom is intended to compete with Ethereum and other smart contract systems by providing significantly greater scalability and security. 

Fantom features an “Opera” mainnet compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing dApps to be imported from Ethereum to Fantom and vice versa. Fantom, however, provides each node with a directed acyclic graph (DAG) algorithm. This enables the network to confirm transactions independently. 

FTM is Fantom’s core token, which the network utilizes for payments, governance, staking, and fees to protect the ecosystem. 

Fantom enjoys the support of several crypto whales due to its superior features and ease of use. Despite the broader price decline, Fantom whales have been binge-purchasing since May. However, as FTM has lost 90% of its value since the peak of the bull cycle, whales have begun to examine better wealth-accumulating options. 

Therefore, in terms of high yield generation, stable annual returns, and easy passive income mechanism, $ORY has attracted whales’ attention all around.

Final Takeaway

Considering Oryen’s rapid development, unparalleled presale performance, and simplified staking process, the protocol is well on its way to bringing a large and stable source of income for holders.

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