3 Reasons Why Metropoly is The Best Blockchain Project for People Looking for Low-Risk and High-ROI Investments


The real estate market has been attractive for as long as people have had money, but it’s been getting increasingly difficult to enter as housing prices have gone up and income ratios remain largely stagnant. In fact, the median house price-to-income ratio of people in the United States is 7.71 currently. This is higher than it was during the 2008 economic crisis and was 4.4 twenty years ago. 

This makes it difficult for investors these days to get the security they need for the future. It’s also why we need blockchain technology to disrupt the market and make it more equitable. Metropoly is a platform that is doing just that with its decentralized real estate marketplace where every NFT is 100% backed by real-world properties.

Here, we offer three reasons why Metropoly is the best blockchain project for people looking for low-risk and high ROIs.

1. Affordable Access to Real Estate

All sorts of properties will be available.

First and Foremost, Metropoly makes it easy for anyone to get into real estate through a fractional real estate investment model. Investors can purchase a fractional amount in a property for as low as $100, and the team plans to add all sorts of properties from all over the world. 

The interface will be quite convenient as well, allowing users to purchase properties in under 30 seconds – as opposed to the many months it would take through the traditional process. All users will have to do is connect their wallet to the platform and check out the listings.

With this easy process, individuals will be able to invest in real estate and use it to hedge against inflation, generate passive income, and potentially have access to property all on their own. In the current world economy, diversifying portfolios is extremely important.

A beta version of the platform exists for those interested to check out how Metropoly functions. You can find such tabs as properties available, ongoing auctions, and payouts. Other features they can see are an all-time leaderboard with the number of fractions of real estate owned, investment performance, and dividends received. The properties listed in the prototype are for purely illustrative purposes.

2. Great for Younger and Older Investors

Real estate has been a critical part of people’s portfolios. With how accessible it is making property investments, Metropoly benefits both the young and the old alike. 

Younger generations can of course finally think about investing in real estate and adding that to their portfolios. Those older can look at Metropoly as a place where they can find alternatives to pension schemes. This gives them some additional security and they can earn passive income from renting out those properties.

Owners of these fractional shares will receive voting power and rental income commensurate with the number of shares that they own. The voting decision includes deciding to sell the house. 

Everyone will benefit from the long-term appreciation of the property. To make it even better, the NFT linked to the property can also be sold with ease at any moment.

3. Real Estate Will Always Have Value

Real estate is highly sought and actual property or land always has value, unlike say a business that becomes outdated after a decade or two. The security of real estate is what makes people flock to it and Metropoly gets rid of the barriers that have arrived in the past few decades.

This is partly why its presale is succeeding so spectacularly. Presale investors have seen that Metropoly can change the landscape of the real estate market significantly and are eager to get in early.

Metropoly’s Successful Presale Shows Its Potential

Metropoly’s presale has quickly accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments in a short amount of time. The METRO token that is one sale is an ERC-20 utility token with a total supply of 1 billion. The minimum amount allowed for investment is $100, with 1 METRO token costing $0.05. Investors can use USDT, ETH, or BNB to purchase the token. Of course, it is running out quickly, so the sooner one invests, the better. 

There are also other reasons why one will want to invest early. All presale investors join the Platinum Member’s Club. This provides such benefits as early access to the Metropoly Beta and a Metropoly NFT. The higher the investment, the better the perks. Furthermore, the sooner one invests, the better the benefits. The higher tiers offer perks like real estate NFTs worth $10,000 and cashback on rental income. 

The platform’s contract code has been verified by SolidProof and the team identities have been verified by CertiK. 

Metropoly Offers High ROI and Easy Entry into Real Estate

It’s been a long time coming but the effective use of decentralized technology in the real estate market is finally here. Metropoly can bring about a revolutionary change in how the crypto market operates, resulting in a change that will reverberate throughout the wider investment world.

Metropoly offers a number of features that offer easy entry into real estate, while also ensuring that risk is low and there is a decent return on investments. The financial applications of crypto are only just taking off and Metropoly might be at the forefront of that.

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