1nvest to offer its full ETF line-up on A2X

JSE-listed specialist index fund manager 1nvest will list all 16 of its exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on South African exchange platform A2X Markets next Wednesday (5 October).

A2X notes in a statement that 1nvest’s ETFs will retain primary listings on the JSE.


1nvest’s ETF listings on A2X

  1. 1nvest Global Government Bond Index Feeder ETF
  2. 1nvest Global Reit Index Feeder ETF
  3. 1nvest MSCI World Index Feeder ETF
  4. 1nvest MSCI EM Asia Index Feeder ETF
  5. 1nvest MSCI World Socially Responsible Investment Index Feeder ETF
  6. 1nvest S&P 500 Index Feeder ETF
  7. 1nvest S&P 500 Info Tech Index Feeder ETF
  8. 1nvest SA Bond ETF
  9. 1nvest SA Property ETF
  10. 1nvest SWIX 40 ETF
  11. 1nvest Top 40 ETF
  12. 1nvest Gold ETF
  13. 1nvest Palladium ETF
  14. 1nvest Platinum ETF
  15. 1nvest Rhodium ETF
  16. 1nvest ICE US Treasury Short Bond Index Feeder ETF

A2X notes that these ETF listings will bring the total number of securities available for trade on A2X to 88, including 35 exchange-traded products, with a combined market capitalisation of about R5 trillion.

“ETFs are an affordable way to invest because of the transparent structure and fees, and low fund administrative costs,” says 1nvest executive director Johann Erasmus.

“By listing our ETFs on A2X, our investors will be able to take advantage of A2X’s lower trading costs and increased liquidity, making 1nvest’s ETFs an even more attractive vehicle.”

A2X CEO Kevin Brady says the company looks forward to welcoming 1nvest’s range of local and international ETFs, which he notes will benefit both the company and its investors.

The index fund manager joins Absa, Investec and Sygnia with secondary ETF listings on the platform.

A2X says it was authorised to list secondary ETFs and exchange-traded notes (ETNs) in 2019 and will now have 35 ETFs and two ETNs listed on its market.

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